The Program


UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN is about not waiting any longer. It’s about seizing the power that is already within you and challenging you to lead a life of your own design, rather than one that’s been scripted by your environment, society or anyone else.


  • Break through the fears that hold you back (including unconscious fears)
  • Create momentum in your life to make difficult things become effortless
  • Install the habits that create maximum energy, optimum health and peak vitality
  • NEW! Implement a fail-safe system to ensure that you follow through long-term, especially when the demands, distractions and frustrations of life begin to vie for your focus
  • NEW! Harness the key strategies for wealth creation, regardless of the economy or any other external forces

Thursday – Step 1
Turn fear into power

The Firewalk Experience
On day 1, you will learn how to annihilate your fears. You’ll have the opportunity to walk across a bed of hot coals between 700 and 1,100 degrees Celsius, and in doing so, you’ll understand that there is absolutely nothing you cannot overcome.

Friday – Step 2
Turn dreams into reality

The Power of Success Conditioning
Day 2 will give you the clarity and power you need to accomplish whatever you set out to do. Gain insight into what really matters to you and set new goals that will enrich your life at the deepest level. Then, develop innovative skills and techniques that will help you stay on track while hamering exponential results in both wealth and personal relations.

Saturday – Step 3
Break Through To Your New Life

Transformation Day
Day 3 is designed to integrate your key decisions and to ensure that you move forward with so much strength and verve that you never look back. Learn hot to model others to master absolutely anything and to trigger global changes in all areas of your life.

Sunday – Step 4
The Power of Pure Energy

12 Master Principles of a Vital Life
Finally, Day 4 is about stepping into a fresh new life with vitality and inexorable energy. By learning how to care for your body – life’s most precious gift – you enable yourself to prosper and live life to the absolute fullest.



STEP 1 – Thursday – Turn Fear Into Power – The Firewalk Experience

Ophra on Firewalk

Imagine that fear was suddenly no longer a factor in your life. What would you do? What would you change, give, be, orĀ  accomplish?

Those who create an extraordinary life and achieve their highest vision share one fundamental power: the capacity to turn their fears and limitations into positive focussed action.

  • Learn the secret to peak performance that Anthony Robbins has used to transform the world’s elite athletes, entertainers, and business leaders
  • Discover how to break the unconscious fears that are holding you back
  • Storm across a bed of hot coals between 700 and 1,100 degrees Celsius. (You don’t have to, but you’ll want to!) Once you start doing the impossible (or at least what you thought was impossible), you can conquer the other fires of your life with ease

STEP 2 – Friday – Turn Dreams Into Reality – The Power of Success Conditioning

Anthony Robbins on Stage Make your dreams come true

Clarity is power. Leaders have it; followers are constantly looking for it. You’ll acquire it in this session, no matter where you’re starting from. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of what it is you truly want most in your life, make fundamental decisions, build a plan and create strategies for sustained momentum.

  • Discover the 3 steps to changing anything in your life permanently
  • Develop a clear target of what you want in your life and why – in your career, your body, your finances and your relationships
  • Master the powerful skills of rapport and influence to maximise your effectiveness as a parent, partner, business person and leader
  • Learn Tony’s personal process for getting from where you are to where you want to be every time, plus the universal principles for creating and sustaining wealth

STEP 3 – Saturday – Break Through To Your New Life – Transformation DayAnthony in a transformation process

Now that you’ve conquered your fears, clarified what you want and made a plan for getting there, the only thing that’s holding you back are the inevitable inner conflicts that prevent you from taking consistent action On this day, you’ll uncover beliefs that limit your life

  • Learn a step-by-step process for modelling the best strategies to consistently achieve any result you desire
  • Experience global change in your life by replacing beliefs that limit you with empowering beliefs that will drive you to get the results you want in any area of your life
  • Create and utilise triggers to get yourself (and others) to follow through

STEP 4 – Sunday – The Power of Pure Energy – 12 Master Principles of a Vital Life

Anthony creating a better life style

What’s the most important factor to creating an extraordinary quality of life?
The answer is energy.

Your health is the most important factor, yet in a time of constant demands, we often neglect what we know is most important. If you’re going to take your life to the next level, it’s vital to make a commitment to living a more energised and healthy life.

  • Learn how to dramatically increase your energy
  • Learn effective nutritional and psychological strategies to bolster your immune system
  • Take the 10-day Challenge and put into action what you’ve learned and experience the vibrant energy, health and vitality you deserve

Without the power, people’s lives become a string of good intentions – instead of the achievements, victories, fulfilment, and results they desire. They spend their lives working too hard, for too long, reaping few lifetime rewards, giving up often, and settling for less than they want and deserve

So, how do you access this power and how do you use it?
This is what Tony Robbins’ LIVE event, Unleash The Power Within is all About it’s about learning how to make your life the way YOU want it.